Saturday, June 15th 2019

10 am to 11 pm

At Saint-Honoré Airport

2, 203 Aéroport Street, Saint-Honoré

ARRIVAL OF THE F-18 - Sunday - 10:30 to 10:45am

The CF-188 Hornet supersonic fighter, better known as the CF-18, is a multi-purpose fighter based at the Bagotville military base.

Festival-goers will be able to meet the F-18 pilot and see the aircraft up close.


Little quizzes:

  • How many trees will be needed to offset GHGs for the F-18 to Saint-Honoré?


The answer is right next to the device.

OPEN DOORS AT CQFA - 10 am to 6 pm

The Centre Québécois de Formation Aéronautique (CQFA) is the only French-language public flying school in Canada offering theoretical training, aircraft flights, laboratories, and administrative and educational services on the same campus, which is located at Saint-Honoré airport, about 10 kilometres from Chicoutimi. Unlike other more urban training sites, the site offers a great advantage for this type of training because it allows apprentice pilots to enjoy free training airspace close to the facility.

The CQFA wants to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the collaboration of the Saint-Honoré dans l'Vent Festival in 2019.


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