Born and raised in Haiti, Wadson Michel works as a psychotherapist in the Boston area with students with learning and behavioural difficulties. The first time he combined his love of kites with his clinical experience in psychotherapy was with the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

In April 2018, Wadson, along with his kite-volist friends, went to the Isle of Dominica where Hurricane Maria destroyed 90% of the structures in 2017. Their efforts paid off as they filled the sky at Dominica’s first international kite festival.

He returned in April of this year to continue his intervention. Guillaume Thibeault, Calvin Pilgrim and Ted Gaudet are the organizers of the second edition of the festival, which will begin on April 14, 2019. Together, they aspire to train children in the art of kite making and acrobatic flying.

SPECIAL KITERS : The Windjammers

Gary Maynard and Michael Carlisle  -  UNITED STATES


The Windjammers are a team of 7 acrobatic kites that debuted in 1983 in Michigan. With members now from Indiana and Canada, the team specializes in flying kite trains, several kites on a long line, filling the sky with color on beautiful choreographies.

With us this year are three of the team members: Gary Maynard and Michael Carlisle from Detroit and their Canadian teammate, Jean Lamoureux.



Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Reynolds builds all kinds of single line kites, but his preference goes to inflatables. On the field, he’s always busy.


When there’s no wind, he loves to make giant bubbles to entertain kids. Kevin is a true passionate who has been coming to Saint-Honoré for many years and has always been very generous.


Glenn Davidson

Glenn Davison builds and flies a variety of single line kites. He is well known for building beautiful miniature kites. He is indeed the one providing the kite kits for the event’s miniature kite building workshop. Glenn interacts a lot with people and is always ready to lend a kite! He has written several books on kite flying and likes to share his knowledge with others.


Don Tuff

Don Tuff has been flying kites since he got charmed by inflatable kites in 2004. Since then, he never stopped adding new kites to his collection. We know he’s on the field when we see his giant pink PLK octopus or his green dragon from Rolf Zimmermann. He even wears assorted clothes to match the kites!


Don has been loyal to the Festival since 2011.


Gary Mark

Gary Mark  has been a kite passionate since more than 20 years. Having participated in many festivals around the world, Gary strives to promote the representation of Canadian kites. He is the new Director of Region 13 of the American Kite Association, representing all countries other than the United States.

He owns many large inflatables kites, and has collaborated with us for many years. 


Walter Corsetti 

Walter Corsetti is a tireless true kite passionate on the field. He owns a beautiful collection of large inflatable kites and invests a lot of his time in crafting kites such as his wide colorful collection of Delta Ghosts that he flies in mass display.


Walter is president of the Toronto Kite association and he's now a regular of the Festival.


Donna et Fred Taylor

Wonderful duo, Donna and Fred Taylor  specialize in eolian ground art and display such as colourful tall and miniature banners, bouncing inflatables, decorative collections and recently, a squadron of low flying planes. Donna is a creative artist who does a lot of the sewing for their collections, with the help of her lifelong partner, of course.


Fred has endless energy and enthusiasm on the field and together, they can put up quite a display. One can often find them making bubbles, surrounded by joyful children.  


Nicole Daigle et Carol Bigras

Nicole Daigle & Carol Bigras are both single line kite artists from the Ottawa region. Carl also has a passion for KAP (Kite Arial Photography). That allowed him to collect magnificent pictures upon his travels.



Ted Gaudet

Ted Gaudet  is an adept of different types single line kites. He has been president of the Sky Lines Kite Club for many years as well as the president of the Kite Festival in Dieppe, New Brunswick. He likes to build and fly single line kites and enjoys travelling to kite events when he can. 

He regularly participates to our festival since 2009.


Yvon Haché

Passionate about kites and photography, Yvon Haché started making his kites in 2003 and using them to make aerial photography in 2004. Several of his photos have already made headlines in local newspapers. 


In 2012, Yvon won the 1st place in the international competition for the kite of Dieppe with his Olympic kite Maxi-Dopero and won the 2nd place in 2013 with his kite with a view of the solar system from the moon.


Alfred Boudreau

It was in 2001 that we were first exposed to the world of kites. So impressed by these artworks that move elegantly in the sky, he took the opportunity to join the local club, “Skylines” of Dieppe, NB.


Since then, Alfred has helped organize the annual festival.



André Bernard

André Bernard  has been flying kites for many years and flies his own creations with clean lines and original shapes. He has participated in our event since 1997.


His latest collection is called “Peace” and count 12 single line kites, all with the universal symbol of peace on their top. 


Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson  has been flying single line kites for many years and loves to fly in Saint-Honoré.


We have often seen his beautiful kite arches that he deploys when the conditions are right. He also has a nice collection of single line kites, both framed and soft kites. 


Dominic Guimond et Jessica Lamarche

Jessica Lamarche et Dominic Guimond come every year from Gatineau to offer team sports kites demonstrations.


They regularly fly as a duo and, as often as possible, they team up with Édith Lacombe and Stéphane Déry to perform as “QI 4.2 .” They also participate in various national and international events.


Édith Lacombe et Stéphane Déry 

Édith Lacombe et Stéphane Déry have been flying sports kites as a team (Dipt’R) in the Quebec City area for many years. They also fly as Team QI 4.2 with Dominic Guimond and Jessica Lamarche whenever it's possible. They participate in various events in Quebec and internationally.


Èvelyne Perron

Èvelyne Perron  is a great kite flier from the town of Saint-Honoré, who has a passion for acrobatic kites. When she ties some tails to her kite, she creates art in the sky.


She is also involved with the miniature kite building workshops at the festival. 


Jacques Létourneau 

Retired art teacher, Jacques Létourneau is a kite artist recognised internationally for his unique creations full of brilliant colours. He specializes in a particular technique of kite painting that he has developed over the years.


Many of his kites have been purchased by kite fliers around the world.


Jean Lamoureux 

Jean Lamoureux  has been flying acrobatic kites for more than 20 years. As a member and captain of competition team STAFF in the ’90s, he had the chance to win the Canadian Championship twice.


Jean is part of the Windjammers team, flying his kite trains with partners or on his own. He can also fly two trains simultaneously, one in each hand, which captivates spectators.


Jean Lemire

Jean Lemire : Formerly a member of sportskite's team STAFF, Jean Lemire has the particular ability to fly three dual line kites at the same time : one in each hand and one from his waist.


A technique that very few master! He has performed internationally for many years.


Jean-Pierre St-Denis

Jean-Pierre St-Denis  is an acrobatic kite flier who has developed an interest in large inflatables. You can easily find him in the sky, thanks to his big yellow octopus. 


He teams up with his life partner, Julie Trépanier.


Jean-Yves Cauchon

Jean-Yves Cauchon  is a musician at heart and a kite flier in his free time. He happily participates in group flying or flies solo to the sound of the aerial music playlists that he puts together every year for our event.


His wife, Hélène Déry, likes to fly her dual line kite with beautiful tails which, once in the wind, make drawings in the sky.


Marc Duguay 

Marc is an experienced kite flier who recently settled in the area. He now visits our festival to fly his kites and help the organization in welcoming the kite fliers.


Mario Pierre

Mario Pierre specializes in Indian type combat kite that he maneuvers with great agility. He has participated to competitions and came out as a champion many times.


He also flies all other types of single line kites. 


Michel Gagnon

Michel Gagnon  is definitely a sportkite passionate. He devotes himself to training new pilots near his home in Varennes.


This year, he will be teaching the base of acrobatic kite flying to the public, hoping to communicate the love of kite flying to many young families.


Michel Girard et Laura Kocsis

Laura Kocsis & Michel Girard fly kites as a pair. Very creative, they build original four-line kites and fly as a team or with a large group.


Michel and Laura particularly enjoy flying amongst the audience to entertain kids.  


Michèle Bérubé 

Michèle Bérubé  is a true artist who creates original single line kites as well as beautiful banners. She explores several techniques and materials that she enjoys mixing.


Her delicate work can be identified in every piece, and in the fine materials she uses to enhance their beauty.


Patrice Perron

Patrice Perron  fell in love with kite flying in 1995, the first year of our Saint-Honoré dans l’Vent Kite Festival. The Jonquière native has since participated in the organization of the event for many years.


Patrice sews his own quad line kites and likes flying into the crowd to entertain people of all ages.


Pierre Thiffault

We first got to know Pierre Thiffault for his work on the history of kites. Amongst others, he has written a very interesting book on the origins of kites.


He regularly collaborates to our event with kite history displays, and he also flies single line inflatable kites. In the winter, he is president of the Festi-Volant Kite Festival in Grandes-Piles, on the St-Maurice River. 


Pierre-Luc Larose 

Pierre-Luc Larose  has long been flying acrobatic kites, but we can now find him flying large inflatable kites, with his son Marc-Antoine and his life partner, Martine Denis.


Pierre-Luc is also one of the organizers of the Festi-Volant Kite Festival in the Mauricie region. 



Réjean Bibeau

Réjean Bibeau  is a natural artist. One of his many talents are his paintings on kites. Each of his creations are unique.


He also gives a breath-taking demonstration with seven bird kites mounted on one line that he flies on music; a unique experience. He will be accompanied by his brother Richard Bibeau, acrobatic kite flier.


Sylvain Gagnon

Sylvain Gagnon  is a big-hearted kite flier who likes to fly in groups or by himself, amongst the audience. He loves to entertain the crowd and play around with his kite.


Sylvain is always ready to lend a hand, and his easy-going personality makes him an ideal team member. He is a well-experienced pilot who likes to build his own wooden kite handles and reels.


Yves Laforest

Yves Laforest has a long and rich experience as a kite flier. As the man behind Vent en Fête, he was rapidly involved in the organisation of Saint-Honoré dans l’Vent as kite demonstrator. He was the one who first flew the big orange Bear Kite that became the mascot of our festival that we now call Honoré.


Back to our festival for the past few years he will be accompanied by his kite flying colleague François Trépanier.



Club Air-Lib

Club Air-Lib : Normand and Jules Martel, Normand and Jules Martel, respectively president and treasurer of the Air Lib Kiting Club, have been organizing the yearly gathering and friendly competitions at the Festival since 2004.


Many members of the regional club participate in the speed and ability challenges as well as in the free flying during the weekend. The public can experiment power kite flying aboard the “Air Lib Bus.”  Don’t be shy to pay them a visit!


Concept Air

Concept Air : Collaborator in the very first edition of Saint-Honoré dans l’Vent Kite Festival, Benoît Tremblay has always been present to the event. He contributes to the promotion of kite flying in the area and he went on a unique journey in the Great North, on skis, pulled by a kite sail. He is a valuable partner of the event and is always willing to give a hand when needed.


Visit him at the Festival to get all the details!


Several “kiters” come from outside to participate in the event. It must be said that Saint-Honoré dans l'Vent is a must for Kite events in Quebec. Claude Gravel, Michel Provencher, Stéphane Laurin and Renée Charlebois are just a that come back every year.

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