The world is small is an interactive and clownish show combining techniques from the circus and divers environmental and social issues. Through out travel anecdotes, this eccentric explorer tries to shed light on the different issues of the planet and of humans.


Presented in a clownish and dynamic fashion, Atlas dresses a portrait of the situation of the planet, of its environment and of its social issues. Inspired by a social clown approach, Atlas arouses reflection and the standpoint decision in order to stimulate the will of eco-responsible engagement. He searches for tools so that every individual may become better eco-citizens socially implicated and maybe an inspiring leader in active change.

Where: Chapiteau Rouge FM

When: saturday june 15th  2:00pm


The pirate Jack Sparrow at the festival to meet the young festival fans and their families ! A show you don’t want to miss !

Captain Jack Sparrow performing at your event?Well, know that it’s possible thanks to his look-alike.

You will be mystified by the resemblance of the gesture and language he uses to tell you a fantastic adventure story in the company of his daughter Alice said the parrot, a little naughty girl who makes her see all colors.

This show is designed to appeal to a wide audience. Boys, girls and adults alike will be entertained!

To the delight of the children, some parents will also have to go on stage, which gives rise to really funny moments.

Where: Scène BMR

When: saturday and sunday june 15th and 16th at 10:45 am 


TECHNOSCIENCE Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean- WIND WARD - 11:30 am to 5 pm

Friday, June 14 th :         9:30 am to 1 pm

Saturday, June 15 th :   11:30 am to 5 pm

Sunday, June 16 th :      11:30 am to 3 pm

In the pavilion, where the wind is in the spotlight, will be presented some workshops organised by Technoscience’s (Club de loisirs scientifique – CLS). Youth of all ages will be able to do scientific experiments on wind, air, wind power, weather by visiting 4 stations organised by the animators of Technoscience.

Four stations that enable scientific discovery will be at the disposition of our young festival fans, in order to let them familiarise with concepts relative to nature, air and wind:

Station 1: Decode the robots (per period)

Station 2: Renewable Energies

Station 3: Clouds and Winds

Station 4: Ecology and Planet


Children, young and old, will be able to entertain themselves in the inflatable games that will be on the site.

The animators of the Patro de Jonquière will come to challenge young and old!


"Today known as the reference for short films in North America, REGARD presents nearly 200 short films from Quebec and around the world every year. Following its 23rd edition in March 2019, the Festival team has prepared a selection from the most important film events, animation schools around the world and recently awarded films.

Aimed at ages 3 and up, the programs P'tites vues offer meetings with colorful characters and tell their stories. Exceptional films for the little ones who also captivate the big ones.

Where: CQFA 

When: saturday 10h  to 18h

sunday 10h to 17h00


Promenons-nous                     France/Belgique

Mon papi s'est caché               France

Hotshu Hit W Zooparke           Russie

Après la pluie                           France

Buonanotte                               Italie

Le tigre sans rayures              France/Suisse

Le Rêve de Sam                       France


Belly Flop                                  Afrique du sud

Teoria Zakata                            Russie

Faultier                                      Allemagne

Voyagers                                   France

Krampouezh                             France 

Kuap                                          Suisse

Dubak                                        Russie

Malenklye lesnye istorii           Russie



Wind                                           Allemagne

Turbopéra                                  France

Yo te Quiero                               Argentine

Hors Piste                                  France

Kop Op                                        Pays-Bas

Wombo                                       Allemagne

Carpark                                      Royaume-Uni


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