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 Bert Mini Bert spends his professional life in a suit, but in his spare time he has become to be known as the Antwerp City kite flyer.When he is not spending time on the kite field on the left bank of the river Schelde that runs through the city, you might find him flying a Holy Man kite over a park, castle or other beautiful site in the Flemish countryside that he photographs from up high. The pictures which he makes from this unusual angle are published on his website, and occasionally in newspapers or magazines. «Read More»  Bert 2 Mini
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Jean-Paul Richon 01 Mini Jean-Paul Richon is a curious and passionate man from France who has acquired his training through many travels, the discovery of new places, architecture, all kinds of creations and more than anything, through his many encounters.Jean-Paul is a much diversified man, indeed. He is specialized in many art forms such as sculptures, installations, kites, the making of lamps and other divers and undefined objects. Also, he often includes the use of lights (both artificial and natural), wind and outdoor spaces in his works of art. «Read More» Jean-Paul Richon 02 Mini
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Jean-Paul MiniFrançois-Xavier Mini En 2002, le club de Cerf-volant LES SENS CIEL a vu le jour à Sens, ville située en Bourgogne en France, sous l’impulsion de Jean-Paul Maurin. Jean-Paul créé alors l’emblème du club : un Escargot de Bourgogne, les bannières du club… et se fût le départ d’une folle aventure créatrice qui donna naissance à une longue lignée de grosses structures gonflables tout droit sorties de son imagination (dragon, hérisson, Froggy, le Nautilus…) Toutes ces structures uniques au monde furent toujours plus imposantes, plus originales et de plus en plus techniques dans leur réalisation.
C’est en 2008 que François-Xavier Defruit, passionné par tout ce qui a la « liberté de voler », a rejoint Les Sens Ciel et fût pris dans l’engrenage du vol et de la création. Son investissement fût tel, que lorsque Jean-Paul Maurin décida de quitter la présidence du club en 2013 pour se consacrer à la création et s’éloigner des contingences matérielles et administratives, François-Xavier, dit « FX » prit le relai et devint à son tour Président de Les Sens Ciel. «Read More»
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Jeff Burka 01 Mini According to family lore, Jeffrey Burka has been flying kites since he was 2 and a half. He’s been flying stunt kites since the mid-70’s when the very first Peter Powells made it over to the US and he begged his father to buy one. His father was appalled at the idea of spending 30$USD on a kite (admittedly, in 2011 dollars, that would be nearly 125$USD!). Fortunately for Jeffrey, his father decided it looked like fun. That original Powell, aluminum frame with poly sail and tail is still kicking around his house, along with its handles and instructions.Jeffrey Burka builds and flies single-, dual-, and quad-line kites but most of his time is spent flying large show kites and Revolution quad-line kitesAlthough he is not sponsored by any kite manufacturer Jeffrey Burka is proud to fly as part of the Gomberg Kite Productions International team out of Oregon, and Larger Than Life Kites out of Virginia. In addition, he has worked with Florida’s Kiteman Productions.A long-time member of the American Kitefliers Association, he also regularly flies with members of Washington, DC area clubs, most often Wings Over Washington. Jeff Burka 02 Mini


 Kevin Bayless 01 mini  From Taylorsville, Utah, Kevin Bayless has been flying and making kites for 24-25 years, since the late 1980’s. He started making kites when he realized his wife was not going to let him spend money on them. He started making patchworks in the early 90s; He had all this scrap fabric left over from other kites and he could not bring himself to toss it out. The idea behind the patchwork was that he could focus on the kite’s design instead of the design on the kite. Over the years his patchwork style has sort of developed and changed and he is told that people do recognize his work. He has made single line, dual line and quads and enjoyed flying them all, but, for Kevin, there really isn’t anything much more relaxing than to hang on to the line of a good flying single line in a steady wind.Kiting for him has been a release, a chance to forget what ever and fly; making his own kites makes it even more so. In the past 20 years kiting has lead Kevin to some of his longer term friendships, some beautiful locations to fly and some truly fun times.He has, also, really started to gain recognition over the past years for his role as kite organizer at the annual Antelope Island Stampede (AISF) and Kitestock. «Read More»  Kevin Bayless 02 mini


Windjammers 4 MiniWindjammers mini The Windjammers team specializes in flying trains of kites, meaning they fly many kites on long lines at the same time. Each kite flyer can fly ten or more kites on long lines, filling the sky with beautiful colors and choreographies. They have performed at many events around the world such as the Selfridge Air Force Base and Detroit Air Shows, Singapore, France and Canadian kite festivals, The Michigan Hot Air Balloon Challenge, Miami, Cleveland and Milwaukee International Kite Festivals and many more. The Windjammers are also part of the National Sport Kite Circuit and have won many awards.Not only are they great at working with the wind, they have found a way to work with no wind! With their new radio controlled motorized kites they can fly outside with no wind as well as in stadiums, convention centers and large rooms. Joining us this year are three of the team members, Gary and Michael, as well as their late teammate, Jean. They invite you to come and meet them and, as they say, “you meet the nicest people at the end of the line”. «Read More» Windjammers 3 MiniWindjammers 2 - Mini


 David Tuttle 1 David Tuttle lives in Vestal, New York and works as the senior photographer at Binghamton University. He is one of the main driving forces behind his local New York Kite Enthusiasts club. He is also a member of the NYKE club, for which he organizes two or three events each year. His first event is May 16 at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in upstate NY
Flying and making his own kites started while David was still in University.  In 1985 David bought his first serious kite at Kitty Hawk kites. He now has well over 200 kites of all shapes and sizes.
Kiting Aerial photography(KAP) became an interest in 2003. His passion for passing on the kiting bug has gotten David involved with running several children’s workshops each year. In the last few years David has also gotten involved with teaching adults north and south of the US border. Everyone that attends learns how to sew and build their own kites.
At the most recent AKA convention in In Nags Head, North Carolina, David took home four medals for his kite building skills! «Read More»
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Lisa Willoughby 1 Lisa Willoughby is a Master level sport kite pilot from New Jersey who has been flying kites of all kinds competitively and in festivals for 14 years. She has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, China, Asia and the Middle East to fly kites representing several kite companies. She performed as a street kite flier in Doha, Qatar as part of the 2013 Doha Film Festival. She has recently joined the R-Sky Cerf-Volant kite team and will be flying R-Sky dual line kites at festivals throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.Lisa has been performing with Ibex Puppetry Productions with Heather Henson as director in Celebration of Flight which has performed on Broadway, China, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and at museums and festivals throughout the US.Lisa is a speech-language pathologist when she is not flying kites and enjoys integrating kites into her therapy programs. She teaches kite making and kite flying to people of all ages for schools, libraries, and community programs. She is passionate about using kites as an educational tool to show what kiting can teach students about their world. << Read more >> Lisa Willoughby 2


Ian Willoughby 1 Ian Willoughby is a 15 years old honor student in the 9th grade in Medford, NJ. He has been flying kites since he was 2 years old; however he has been attending kiting events since he was 3 months old. He has always enjoyed being around kiting and the amazing people who are involved in kiting. He started flying indoor kites at age 3 years old at the North Carolina Kite Competition in the Outer Banks when he signed himself up to compete. He loves performing for an audience and is very comfortable showing others how to fly and teach people of all ages. Ian was invited to Hollywood in 2012 and performed with his indoor kite on the Nickelodeon show Figure It Out which aired on the Nickelodeon Network in November 2012. He performed with Ibex Puppetry in a short performance of Celebration of Flight. Ian also flies outdoors in festivals and competitions for both dual line and quad line kites.Ian’s other interests include competitive sailing, soccer, and cross country running. He also enjoys playing video games, street hockey, surfing, fishing and skate boarding with friends. << Read more >> Ian Willoughby 2-


Glenn Davison 1 Glenn Davison is a kite designer, builder, lecturer and workshop leader. He has been featured in the Boston Globe, Kiting Magazine, and many other publications. He is a featured flyer at many festivals in the United States and Canada. He is also a Rokkaku Kite Battle Champion. In Indian Fighter Kites, Glenn took first place in Fighter Kite Precision at the National Convention. Glenn is Vice President of the Kites Over New England kite club, Secretary for the American Kiteflyers Association (AKA) Fighter Kite Committee, and Director of Workshops for the AKA. At the AKA National Convention he displayed the largest gallery of miniature kites ever assembled. Glenn’s “Bee Mine” kite took first place in the Great Miniature Kite Contest held by the Drachen Foundation for the category called “best in flight.” «Read More» Glenn Davison 2


 Meg Albers& Nancy Houston Meg Albers is a passionate and active kite flyer who uses kites as a ‘hands –on’, ‘inter-active’ educational tool. For over 25 years Meg has used kites as an interesting, exciting way to teach a variety of subjects to all ages, covering all subjects matters. In addition to classroom work, Meg organizes international kite festivals to encourage cultural diversity, promote physical activity, and support recycling and environmental sensibilities. «Read More»  Meg Albers 2


Kevin Reynolds 1 Kevin Reynolds is a kite maker from near Rochester NY. Kevin makes kites of all types and sizes, everything from very small to giant but is particularly fond of making giant inflatable kites. Kevin’s “Four Corners Eclipse” won first prize in the “soft and flexible” category of the 2011 American Kitefliers Association Comprehensive Kite Making Championship. Kevin Reynolds 2


Don & Kim 1 Kim and I began flying kites during the summer of 2004, after returning from the Newport International Kite Festival in Newport, Rhode Island, where we fell in love with all manner of large show kites. From that point on, we were hooked. Either “passion” or “obsession” can describe our involvement with the art that kites paint in the sky. Our collection of show kites continues to increase and we hope its display will draw people’s interest and involvement to the art, design, craftsmanship and flying of kites.Kim loves getting parents and children involved with flying, and frequently brings along Barnaby, our “kite flying dog,” to various festivals for both young and old to enjoy.We are based north of Boston and fly our kites at as many NYKE events as possible while representing our club at many festivals outside the New York area as well. Additionally, our kite travels have taken us north of the border to Festivals in Canada since 2005. Don & Kim 2


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