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The Decorators (England)

The team formed in 1988 and were named The Deptford Decorators on account of the painter’s overalls that they adopted as a uniform in Rokakku battles. Deptford, an area in London near the Blackheath flying site used for team “practice”, was dropped from the team name very early on. The team are sometimes affectionately known as The Decs.

In 1989, the team started to fly two line kites and when Revolution introduced their four line kite this quickly became the focus of attention. From 1989 the team formed a close association with Jørgen Møeller Hansen, the Danish Kite Designer and Graphic Artist. (Jørgen collaborated with the team and designed the distinctive graphics which feature on most of the kites that the team fly; Revolution, Rokakku and Parafoil included. On Monday 9th July 2012 we sadly learned that Jørgen died the previous Saturday morning.)

The team currently consists of Felix Mottram, Jacob Twyford, Johnny Claffey, Vaughan Livingstone, Romney Johnstone, Ashley Mottram, Martin Linford and Margaret Walker (Maggie). Tom Greenfield came back to the team in 2016 after a long absence and Rowan Mottram has also been flying with the team since 2016. Vince Wilson and Chris Beel of Fusion have occasionally been flying with The Decs since 2015.

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Ludovico Bertozzi & Jayne Sharon Edwards (Italy)

From Cervia, Italy, Jayne Edwards and Ludovico Bertozzi are kite-makers and regular workshop teachers. Jayne and Ludovico created the “Ottimo Cielo” company, which organizes workshops and kite flying activities for schools and campsites along the coast of Italy.

Ludovico’s passion for kites began in 1990. He first started by creating kites representing the famous paintings of Matisse, Picasso and more. He built his first inflatable kite, the Sharky, in 2005 which was remodeled in different sizes and designs. His collection now includes his Hammerhead Sharky, a Picasso fish, some “inflatable Edo kites”, Lifters and DSled in various dimensions and styles and, let’s not forget, his many styled Sharkys.

Jayne Edwards, born in Shrewsbury (UK) but living in Cervia since 1981, is an English teacher and kite-maker. She discovered her passion for kiting in 1985, when the “Cervia Volante Kite Club” was founded. She has a very artistic style, creating kites which represent various themes: an Indonesian mask, a pop-art “Beatles Sergeant Pepper”, a “Swatch Butterfly”, a “Spanish hair comb (peineta)”, as well as colourful delta stacks with long and flowing transparent tails.

They have taken part in Bedford’s (UK) and Valencia’s (Spain) kite festival for many years. They have also participated in events taking place in countries all around the world, including Indonesia, France, Portugal and Canada – a country where they discovered the beautiful cities/towns of Toronto, Saint-Placide and, many years ago, Saint-Honoré.

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Derek Kuhn (England)

For Derek, the discovery of kites came from a series of good luck. In 1980, he came across a kite book in a local library. He needed nothing more to be intrigued! Soon after, a contact with a kite club, the Midlands Kite Fliers, led him to his first kite festival, and officially got him hooked! Since then, he regularly participates in major world events as well as workshops to constantly push the limits of his art.

In recent years, he specialized in developing a wide range of “Vlags” : 50-metre-long banners that raise to the sky. Unique and very distinctive, they are a sign that Derek is on site. Derek is keen to share his knowledge and has also set up a series of kite-making workshops dedicated to children. To him, the wonder these little kite-fliers’ faces on their first successful flight is the biggest reward of all!

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Sara & David Lyth (England)

After years of flying a hot air balloon, getting up at dawn to fly, then having nothing to do during the hot, thermal days, we bought a kite to fill in the time. Loved it. We sold the balloon, bought some more kites!

We live in a National Park in the south of England, where ponies and donkeys roam on the roads, and we have a great open area in which to fly. This is our seventh season of kite flying: we fly single line kites, four line kites & own some inflatables, too. We have amassed a great collection, representative of many countries, including many colourful, beautifully designed show kites.

We fly for fun and for the entertainment of others. We have attended kite festivals in England, Wales, France and Italy: this combines our love of travel & kiting. In the last year, we have flown our kites in Italy, Croatia and Switzerland.

Sara is an ex graphics designer, who enjoys photography, David is an ex Royal Navy veteran who likes model railways. We fly kites in the summer, and we are building an extensive model railway in the winter!

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Guy Renolds (England)

Guy’s earliest recollection of kite flying is of learning to a fly an early Peter Powell stunt kite purchased with vacation money, a kite which he still owns today.

After numerous attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, to make his own kites as a young boy, Guy all but gave up kite flying during his teenage years. But following forays into model railways, radio controlled aircraft and submarines, Guy returned to kite flying in 2006, as a way to entertain his 2-year-old daughter, as well as kite design and construction in 2008.

He now flies with his wife and daughter as team Ursus Volans. Recognisable by the sheer number and complexity of panels in each inflatable, Guy’s trademark designs fall into two main groups: life-size and realistic representations of mammals and 9m Super Heroes and villains.

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Rolf Zimmermann & Ulrike Zara (Germany)

Rolf Zimmermann is a master German kite maker. In 1992, Rolf started flying stunt kites in a rainy holiday in Denmark. At home a few days later, he got some plans and sewed his first stunt kites. These kinds of kites were very noisy, so he began sewing single line kites.

Rolf’s first soft kites were just copies, but with these he learned a lot, which he then applied to his own creations. He created the lobster in 1996 and won the German master championship for the first time.

This kite was followed by a starfish, seahorse, teddy bear, tweety, snail, owl, hedgehog, dragon and some other things… Because of all the interest from other kite flyers, he started kite making as a side business in the late 90s. It has now become his main job. He builds and creates kites and gets invited to festivals all over the world. A few of the most impressive places were festivals in the USA, Kuwait, Moscow, South Africa, India, Australia and now … Canada!

Rolf’s partner, Ulrike Zara, started flying a few years ago. She helps Rolf with sewing the smaller kites, and can handle many of Rolf’s larger kites. They will both be visiting Saint-Honoré dans l’Vent Kite Festival for the second time in 2017 as they were here in 2011 with Rolf’s son Achim Zimmermann and Mareika Schäfer.

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David Tuttle & Susan Baine (Vestal, New York)

David Tuttle lives in Vestal, New York and works as the senior photographer at Binghamton University. He is one of the main driving forces behind his local New York Kite Enthusiasts club. He is also a member of the NYKE club, for which he organizes two or three events each year. His first event is May 16 at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in upstate NY.

Flying and making his own kites started while David was still in University. In 1985 David bought his first serious kite at Kitty Hawk kites. He now has well over 200 kites of all shapes and sizes.

Kiting Aerial photography (KAP) became an interest in 2003. His passion for passing on the kiting bug has gotten David involved with running several children’s workshops each year. In the last few years David has also gotten involved with teaching adults North and South of the US border. Everyone that attends learns how to sew and build their own kites.

At the most recent AKA convention in In Nags Head, North Carolina, David took home four medals for his kite building skills!

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Lisa Willoughby (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Lisa Willoughby is a Master level sport kite pilot from New Jersey who has been flying kites of all kinds competitively and in festivals for 14 years. She has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, China, Asia and the Middle East to fly kites representing several kite companies. She performed as a street kite flier in Doha, Qatar as part of the 2013 Doha Film Festival. She has recently joined the R-Sky Cerf-Volant kite team and will be flying R-Sky dual line kites at festivals throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Lisa has been performing with Ibex Puppetry Productions with Heather Henson as director in Celebration of Flight which has performed on Broadway, China, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and at museums and festivals throughout the US.

Lisa is a speech-language pathologist when she is not flying kites and enjoys integrating kites into her therapy programs. She teaches kite making and kite flying to people of all ages for schools, libraries, and community programs. She is passionate about using kites as an educational tool to show what kiting can teach students about their world.

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Ian Willoughby (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Ian Willoughby is an 18 years old honor student who just graduated from High school in Medford, NJ. He has been flying kites since he was 2 years old; however he has been attending kiting events since he was 3 months old. He has always enjoyed being around kiting and the amazing people who are involved in kiting.

He started flying indoor kites at age 3 years old at the North Carolina Kite Competition in the Outer Banks when he signed himself up to compete. He loves performing for an audience and is very comfortable showing others how to fly and teach people of all ages.

Ian was invited to Hollywood in 2012 and performed with his indoor kite on the Nickelodeon show Figure It Out which aired on the Nickelodeon Network in November 2012. He performed with Ibex Puppetry in a short performance of Celebration of Flight. Ian also flies outdoors in festivals and competitions for both dual line and quad line kites.

Ian’s other interests include competitive sailing, soccer, and cross country running. He also enjoys playing video games, street hockey, surfing, fishing and skate boarding with friends.

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Glenn Davison (Boston, Massachusetts)

Glenn Davison is a kite designer, builder, lecturer and workshop leader. He has been featured in the Boston Globe, Kiting Magazine, and many other publications. He is a featured flyer at many festivals in the United States and Canada. He is also a Rokkaku Kite Battle Champion. In Indian Fighter Kites, Glenn took first place in Fighter Kite Precision at the National Convention.

Glenn is Vice President of the Kites Over New England kite club, Secretary for the American Kiteflyers Association (AKA) Fighter Kite Committee, and Director of Workshops for the AKA. At the AKA National Convention he displayed the largest gallery of miniature kites ever assembled. Glenn’s “Bee Mine” kite took first place in the Great Miniature Kite Contest held by the Drachen Foundation for the category called “best in flight.”

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Debra & Trip Bowlby (Hackettstown, New Jersey) AND Debbie & Tim Allen (Toms River, New Jersey)

Passing Wind Kite Club was formed in Dec 2014 as a way to bring friends and family together through kite flying.

The principal members are Debbi and Tim Allen of Toms River, NJ and Debra and Trip Bowlby of Hackettstown, NJ.

Debbie and Tim have been single line kite flyers for over 20 years. They have honed their skills on the Jersey Shore in Seaside Park and have attended festivals in Long Beach Island, Long Branch and Wildwood, NJ as invited guests. Debra and Trip have also been flying single line kites for over 20 years. They started by flying on family trips to flying in Ocean City, MD to being invited guests at festivals in Wildwood NJ, Long Branch and Liberty State Park, NJ. All have a great collection, featuring kites by Rolf Zimmermann, Peter Lynn, Martin Lester and Cobra Kites. And, as of recently, Debra has been creating custom banners to round out the overall display.

At the end of day…We are…Passing wind!

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Jeff & Joyce King (Annapolis, Maryland)

From Annapolis, Maryland, Jeff and Joyce are active members of the Wings Over Washington Kite Club and the American Kitefliers Association (AKA). They became serious kite-flyers in 2005 and are experienced in almost all fields of kite-flying. However, they are mostly known for their expertise in show-kites, especially for Mel (surname for Melville), a life-size blue whale.

Jeff is also known for his talent for indoor kiting and is even a member of the AKA’s indoor kite-flying club. What’s more, Joyce has won prizes for her beautiful ground expositions as well as for her miniature kites made from cocktail napkins.

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Kevin Reynolds (Canandaigua, New York)

Kevin Reynolds is a kite maker from near Rochester NY. Kevin makes kites of all types and sizes, everything from very small to giant but is particularly fond of making giant inflatable kites. Kevin’s “Four Corners Eclipse” won first prize in the “soft and flexible” category of the 2011 American Kitefliers Association Comprehensive Kite Making Championship.

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Don Tuff (New York)

I began flying kites with Kim Linehan during the summer of 2004, after returning from the Newport International Kite Festival in Newport, Rhode Island, where we fell in love with all manner of large show kites. From that point on, we were hooked. Either “passion” or “obsession” can describe our involvement with the art that kites paint in the sky. Our collection of show kites continued to increase drawing people’s interest and involvement to the art, design, craftsmanship and flying of kites.

Kim passed away in January 2017 and I want to honor her memory by pursuing this passion that we shared. Kim loved getting parents and children involved with flying, and frequently brought along Barnaby, our “kite flying dog,” to various festivals, for both young and old to enjoy.

I will to continue flying kites at NYKE events while representing our club at many festivals outside the New York area as well. Having been North of the border to Festivals in Canada since 2005, I intend to continue doing so, starting with this year’s Saint-Honoré Kite Festival, an event that brings the kite flyer community together every year and that I enjoy attending.

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