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So that we can make the most out of the event without problems, we invite you to carefully read the following rules : 

The first responders of Saint-Honoré will be on-site for the duration of the event. They ensure the safety of all attendees. Do not hesitate to call upon them for any medical emergency.

Lost children must be quickly directed to a member of the organisationnal committee or one of the event's employees. The later are easily identifiable with their Festival t-shirt with the following words on their back : «technique, animation, sécurité». An announcement will then soon be made by the people in charge of communications.

Lost children will then be brought to the Maison d’Honoré as they await the return of their parents or chaperone.

Animals are not allowed on-site.

Smoking is forbidden on-site. Please use the designated areas. They are identified on the site's map.

Bicycles are not allowed on-site.

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