The Festival Saint-Honoré in the Wind is a magnificent international kite festival for all the family which takes place at the airport of Saint-Honoré in June. Founded in 1995 on the recommendation of then Mayor Jean-Guy Tremblay, the Festival's primary mission is to promote the municipality of Saint-Honoré and its unique feature for a municipality in the region, its civilian airport. First presented every two years, Saint-Honoré in the Wind opts, in 2001, for an annual presentation. He will celebrate his 21st birthday this year.


Since its inception, the Festival has continued to evolve and has become an essential event that knows how to make our municipality shine in the region, throughout Quebec and elsewhere in the world. Thanks to our international kite ambassadors who, from year to year, live the experience "Saint-Honoré in the Wind", our Festival enjoys a growing reputation internationally.


For its 21 years, a new environmental component will be the promotional spearhead of the Festival. To this end, workshops and speakers will meet over the weekend to present sustainable development initiatives. In addition, the organization of the Festival is moving towards a zero waste event. More surprises will be presented for this component. Stay in the wind!


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