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We invite you to read attentively the rules of the site to profit of our activities to their full potential, problem free : 

The first responders of Saint-Honoré are on the site all along the festival. Assuring the security of all. Don’t hesitate to call upon them for medical emergencies.

Lost children must be rapidly directed to a member of the organising committee or a festival employee. They are easily identifiable by their festival T-shirt, with the inscription on the back “technique, animation, sécurité”. An announcement will rapidly be made by the people in charge of public communications.

The lost children will then be led to the “Maison d’Honoré” to await the return or their parents or caretaker.

Animals are not admitted on the site. 

It is prohibited to smoke on the site. Please use the authorised areas. They are identified on the sites plan.

Bikes are not allowed on the site


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